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19 July , 2020

Let’s Help students with Internet connection

Internet is the source of Billion information, ANM support the students accessing internet by funding their network equipment and internet connection. Students have been taught on how to use the Internet in way that they will be benefitted.

Your small Donation to the Community helps 1000's Children in getting a modern education and acquire right knowledge.


Frequently Asked Questions

Arusha Node Marie is an NGO that promote ICT in learning by supporting the schools with free internet access , as well as assisting schools with installation of computer laboratories and other things relating with ICT in learning. It has helped many schools in Arusha for more than 15 years and now the society is looking forward to extend its support to t-other regions in Tanzania.

  • Promote electronic information sharing and networking within Tanzania
  • Support student’s access to ICT in Educational Institutions
  • Facilitate educational institutions to increase students’ knowledge, research capabilities and methodologies through ICT.
  • Promote technology literacy in the communities
  • Support establishment of a standard computer lab to enhance access to academic information through ICT.

Young children in most of our rural nd urban areas have no access to new technology and access to computers, the tools that are very important in the current society. Donating help them have an access to Computers and the new technology, having much knowledge and get an access to more learning materials easily.

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Philanthropic membership, member institutions sponsored by ANM.

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